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Sonar Silverstud is an Agent of Fortune

Hey guys! 

Thanks for visiting.  Just don't expect

me to stand here and do nothing. 

Oh no!

About Me

     Agent of Fortune.  Social chameleon.  Gardener.  Storyteller.  Pioneer.  Which ever sounds better to you.

     I feel strong, adept and eager.  To everything; understanding, balance, purpose and a place. That is me and this is what I preach.  I am proud of who I have become.

   Keeping a journal helps me slow down and process the world around me.  It’s both therapeutic and introspective, and in the end, we all go through struggles.  The world is beautiful and constantly changing so how can we not impact it for the better?  We need bright minds to come together to resolve our world’s problems.  We are a body X a mind and I’ve met far too many Hearts that can accomplish much more than they have because we don’t know how to take the place that is ours to have.  With some luck, and a lot of help, something good will pull through.  For sure!

    Have fun catching up.  I’ve been using categories to keep my journal entries organised and to help you find your way around.  Browse through them to get to the stuff you like and start exercising your mind.  If you feel adventurous, I’ve left some hashtags scattered around to explore that should connect everything together.  


    Here’s one to get started.  


    Other than that, I like to go for walks, small errands and enjoy random conversations with strangers.  Oh, and before you go...  Remember that not everything here is about me as most is about you, #Porcupine.  




8P Sonar Silverstud

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