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BEACHWOOD Volume 1 cover blue and yellow

Volume 1 "Taking it all off!"

Welcome to Beachwood erotica


You know how they say you don't always get what you want the way you think you should?

     All I wanted was a place to stay over the frosty winter months and find a decent job to afford heat and some food.  With the hiring sign by the front door, I entered the first gas bar which was about a kilometre past the welcome sign of a town called BEACHWOOD where I had been dropped by a friendly trucker.  I had reached a destination. I applied within and slept under the backdoor staircase that first freezing night.

     Things got a lot better from there.  My life was nothing prestigious but I liked it.  I had an indoor job that was consistent, a cheap room from the store’s community board, and this town actually started to make me feel cheery again.  Plus, I got to meet all of these nice folks that visited the counter that enjoyed gossip. Hahaha. 


     Well, I fell in love.  I guess that things are bound to happen this way.  Rich in its history, this corner of the world is as diverse as it is rooted in traditions and before I knew it, I was volunteering and getting involved.  It didn't take long that I started blending in and making friends, building myself a reputation to be proud of contributing to the community and sharing stories they inspired.  A gardener of the heart, can we leave it at that? It never was about me, #Porcupine.​  

     There’s always something going on around here so meet the gang and catch up with us often.


Bruce "Scotty" Roseworth: I met most of the gang through Bruce.  I respect the guy and I don't think that he is getting the recognition that he deserves but his bratty reputation suits him well.  He knows…, and and he’s okay with it.  In the end, as the only heir to the Roseworth Industries and the young socialist that he is, Bruce is far too busy and too well connected to bother with little things.  He’s not about to apologise to anybody and I love him for that.  Scotty has the amazing skill set to turn a disaster to a complete success.


Unfortunately for my dear friend, his heart is as conceited as he is beautiful.  His delusion is his poison.  It seems like he’s either in a relationship with Victor or plotting against him.  It never seems to end with those two.  Will he ever get over himself and realise that money and title isn’t everything?

Benjamin Danske: Ben is rather tall and handsome with his scruffy blond hair and deep blue eyes but poor Ben keeps getting the short end of the stick.  Between his own landscaping business, college and giving a hand to his aging father around the house and at the Roseworth's estate, Ben stuggles to manage a social life and can get agitated if he's not recognized or valued for what he deserves the way he thinks he should.  


Benjamin is reputable and a true hard worker.  He doesn't want to be anything less than who he strives to be every day but doesn't realise how intimidating he can be.  In the end, what Ben wants is the right guy that can understand him and make all of this worth while.  Thinking before acting, because the blue-eyed stunner's abilety to perform isn't a question.

Aaron "Chance" Button: My goal oriented, extreme go-getter and career focused friend, Aaron can't have everything he wants.  He strives on accomplishments and sets goals in the areas of his life that he thinks are important.  He's situated and got his stuff figured out for the most part but there's one thing that he cannot have and that is his mother's new sexy Italian boyfriend,  Andrea, and not being able to get what he wants is hurting his self-esteem.  Sorry dude, he is not yours to have.  

Samuel Jean: What can I say about my dear friend Sam?  He is one fiery redhead for starters, with an insatiable thirst for men.  He can be a little hard to keep up with.  Permissive.


Wired by experiences, the whole world is playground.  Sam is fun and energetic, not to say a little crazy at times, and is always up for anything that includes cute boys.  He’s the guy dancing at the bus stop, and nothing stops him from dropping by the local fire station just to check out his eye candy and of course say hi.


A romantic at heart, he yarns for his diamond in the rough, but unfortunately, patience isn’t one of his virtue and tends to look for love in all the wrong places.  He’ll stretch the meaning of relationship and confuse the word love with lust constantly.  And now that Sam has moved in with three guys, Adil, Curtis and Jet, things ought to get wild.  We’ll see how that goes.  Knowing him, I don’t know how he’ll handle himself with all those cute boys under one roof. 


Victor Krown: Team Captain to the college rugby team, handsome and arrogant, what more do you want?  Victor doesn't mind being labelled a player and will rise to the reputation every chance he gets.  Being in a relationship with Bruce Roseworth doesn't means he can't have a little fun.  Are there enough guys in this town to satisfy his ego?  As long as he can get away with it, I don’t think that Victor will ever change his player ways.  Love?  Victor has all the love of the world for himself.  Is there room for anyone else?

Adil: Moroccan gentle-giant with bulging everything, Adil is our closeted rugby superstar with a million dollar smile. The price to come out is too large to pay.  Built to pass through walls, the stud has the scholarships to prove it but that won't stop him from being a goof sometimes.  He's usually with his good pal Victor coming or going to the gym.

Jarret "Jet" Davis:  Jet is my inspirational DJ and he’s made some pretty amazing stuff.  A little notorious for his short temper, Jet can be a little misunderstood.  Dramatic and he tends to be a little susceptible to the little things.  I personally met Jet while strolling downtown as he tried to impress a small crowd of people with his music.  Impressed with the balls it took to put himself out there, I decided to say hi.  He has since moved in with Adil and we hang out all the time.  

Curtis Seuss: Moving in with Samuel, Adil, Jet and right into our gang's favourite hangout spot wasn't part of Curtis plans but he's making with what he has until he gets himself up on his feet after a rough breakup.  Black, tall, athletic and straight, Curtis is attracting a lot more attention then he realises and wished for but he has a great attitude, and considering how nice and welcoming his housemates seems to be, his new living situation might turn out to be what he needed.  Adoration.


Manolo: Manolo stays way too quiet for his own good and it’s a shame because he is hilarious and full of life; and if provoked, a tiger.  He actually makes some of his own clothes, isn't that amazing?  But instead of pursuing his dream, Mano is more tormented with his decision for abstinence and what people think of him over anything else.  While I applaud him for his abstinence, his personal struggle with it is absolutely arousing.  Honestly!  I can’t wait to see what will happen with that.

Robert Lionheart: Rob is one decisive dude.  There's what he likes and what he doesn't and both don't mix.  Conversations with him are just as blunt and honest as his personality.  You know where you stand but don't expect him to make a big deal of it.  What he thinks of you, he will either tell you in your face which is daunting to most people, or bite his tongue and remove himself instead of making a scene.  It's fine because he doesn’t believe in being nice with everybody, which would mean he'd have to open up.  With that, a hug is a lot coming from him.  

We were all happy when he introduced us to his French country man, Clément.  Rob deserves the best even if he gets his foot in his mouth from time to time. 

Clément Mongoust: Clément is a real stand up guy, the kind of guy that usually gets overlooked at first because of his good-guy nature.  The whole gang was smitten the moment Robert introduced us to his new beau.  He's as determined as he is passionate but Clément's positive attitude often times blinds him to people's true intentions.  His understanding old-men ways of observing and talking makes him a wonderful friend and confidant.  Effort.



Ashley Truman: This leaves Ashley, who feels like a sister to me - the opposite of the same.  There's not a topic that is off limit A-D Trueman.  She gets it, you know? 

The first time I met Ashley, it was the kind of party where everything and anything is permitted if you know what I mean.  What is not to love about Ashley?  She’s a total babe, with her long dark brown locks and big light-blue eyes, pillowy lips, striking body, with the legs of a goddess.  Ashley thinks that the little devils in our lives shouldn't be ignored like they go away, because they don't.

Conversation flows with Ashley and one of our favourite topic is polygamy.  I understand where she's coming from, and I like her courage, but that has me worried about her latest attempt at love.  If rumours are true, she might be getting a little more than friendly with Kennan…  Anyways, it's nice to have a girl in the group.


Kennan Waterberry:  Possibility.  Kenny is a sweetheart but he really needs to assert himself a little more.  Caring is a great word to describe him.  Out of all the guys, he’s the most introverted and introspective.  He tags along the gang and he’s cool with whatever but he doesn’t say much.  Oddly enough, when Ken is working the bar at The Stormont  Dundas, he becomes this confident and deriving man that I’ve never seen before.  The way he moves behind that bar is alluring, and I am not the only one that noticed. 


His attraction for Ashley is obvious but the poor guy is bound to have his heart crushed.

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