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1. Send Flirty Pics... to your coworker

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Your colleague at work is a single gay man and doesn’t know that you swing that way too.

He’s kind towards everyone and you appreciate his hard work. He’s sexy and you especially love when he acts shy and turns red because of a comment you made or something sexual and slightly inappropriate someone else said, and you sometimes wonder about the hot sex that could happen between the two of you. It’s wrong how badly you want to be worshipped by your coworker and might be why you can’t shake the thought out of your head but you can see him enjoying himself and the idea has grown on you.

Undress for you. Tease you and light up your fires using his mouth for your pleasure with all the tricks he must have learned. Any men can be submissive in bed and you can picture your coworker at your feet getting excited. He is dearly expressive, certainly a great lover and you would love to see his face light up. There’s only one way to find out and, knowing how creative your colleague can be, this could turn out great for both so you send him a flirty picture via text message and wait until he sends one back.

He has your number and will know it’s from you.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

Boss, coworker, whoever and whenever! Why not role-play and pretend that you are the sassy employee?

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