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Snippet from Mike and Stacey

Sonar Silverstud, sex and relationship expert

How would you help a couple like us?” she finally asked, turning her attention my way, interested to know more.

~Sonar with Stacey at the bar, waiting for her husband to join her in Mike and Stacey - Volume 1.


I am not surprise when my phone rang with Stacey on the line, a woman I met at the bar a few weeks ago. She had been there with her husband, Mike, to spend the rare night together, away from the kids. Only, I did not get to speak with him as he was chatting up with a friend of his but it did give me the chance to get to know her a little as she was drinking alone at the bar waiting for him to join her on their special night.

Stacey is a stay-at-home mother of two young daughters, while Mike is an accountant and devoted father that works hard to provide for his family. She told me that they had the babysitter until eleven tonight, and was getting upset with her husband because the night was supposed to be them two forgetting that they were parents for once, and act like the young adults they were when they just got married. I totally got that they were trying to keep a flame going but I felt awful that she had hoped for so much more than she was getting. She should have been walking over there and taking her man instead of waiting for him. That’s what she should have been doing, but she wasn't. Understandably, it probably had been a while since he had last caught up with his friend if they spent as little time outside of home as she claimed they did but it was perfectly acceptable to give your partner a nudge when it was time to get going with things.

Couples like Stacey and Mike are part of the reasons why I started doing what I do. Couples that have been together for a while can forget how to romance each other. I see it all the time and I totally get it. Stacey had mentioned that they struggled to be intimate lately, especially since the birth of their second child, and that they were hoping that coming to the bar tonight would help them find their spark. She expressed herself like she was being unrealistic but that only spoke on her barriers to communicate those needs to her partner. All she had to do was looking at it at a different angle. I felt bad that her night wasn’t going how she had expected so I had decided to help my clueless new friend and nudge her a little bit.

“Here is what you need to do,” I started with the little action plan that I had just concocted.

“You will go to Mike and shake hands with his friend. Then, put an arm around your husband’s waist and start to slowly circle his back with your hand, and down to sensually caress his ass. Trust me, playing with their bums is like a pre-intercourse stimulant for men and that trick can be used anytime that you want to get off. Men are simple and can only think of one thing at a time, and sex will always come first so it’ll force his focus on you. Stand near him and when he puts his arm around you, lean in and whisper in his ears that you would like another drink, but say each words slowly and separately in a sexy way after which you will do your best catwalk back to the bar. Trust me, you can count the seconds for your husband to politely excuse himself to his friend and join you, and when he does, ask him to get two Sex on the Beach with two fingers up. He’ll get the innuendo, and he’ll be horny as a bull by the time you are done with them. All you two love birds have to do is get home and fuck like the wild animals that you both are.”

“You think it will work?” she had questioned, almost scared it wouldn’t. I was stunned. Why wouldn’t it work? I had to wonder why loving folks made it so complicated. They all said that I would understand after I had been married for a few years, but those people were also singing a completely different tune when I was done with them. A healthy sex life was a happy married life. Make the effort and it’ll work itself out.

“Of course it will work. You’re hot and he’s a guy drinking at a bar. He wants this as much as you do, honey.” There was no better way to put it. Stacey and Mike needed someone from an outside perspective to see their issues, and I wanted to help them. “You love each other, don’t you?” I asked with a lead-in question without waiting for an answer, giving her a push in the right direction. “You should be using your feminine powers to attract your man to you, not wait for fate to play out. Take the matter into your own hands, girl.” I added the sass to make my point.

“Why are you saying all of these things?” Stacey had asked, rightfully challenging why I was so interested in her relationship.

“It’s what I do. I help couples rekindle their lost passion,” I responded simply. I did so much more than just that, but it was a good way to summarise to prude ears.

“Like a therapist?”

“Not exactly, there’s not a diplomatic term for what I do,” I said as I watched her trying to connect the dots. At that point, I was more excited about her reaction than I was nervous. She took a sip of her drink, puzzled by what I was saying. “I help couples like you communicate in an intimate manner,” I rephrased myself, seeing if it would help her figure out what I did. I’ve done this enough times to not feel ashamed or embarrassed by it, and I’ve helped enough couples to not have a problem talking about it, but I still had to be careful not to come across as a total pervert. “I’ve helped so many couples in ways that traditional therapy can’t. Couples that are still grateful of my services.”

“But, what is it that you do exactly?” She seemed interested to know more, a sure sign that I had touched on sensible cords. She wasn’t the only married woman longing to seduce her husband. Men can be clueless sometimes.

“Well, I help people with their sex lives,” I took a sip of my drink before turning my attention to Mike. He was still talking to his friend and appeared to be having a good time. He seemed to be a great guy; caring, loving, and a great father, I was certain of it. With the little I knew about Stacey, I could tell that she was a devoted, yet unfulfilled, mother that loved her husband. They just needed to have someone bring them together again, the way that they should have been.

It was easy to feel an attraction towards them, getting a good idea of what they needed. They felt like the traditional married couple, lying in bed next to each other after a long day, waiting to see if the other one will initiate something before turning their lights off for another sexless night. What they should have been doing was getting it on right after putting their daughters to bed and fuck like teenagers. Another night really was another opportunity, and there was no reason why sex had to be kept in the bedroom, either.

Stacey was observing her husband from her seat, probably debating if they needed help. She had remained seated and still talking to me. I was proud of myself for using good judgement and following my gut feeling and talking to this woman. I wanted Mike to come behind his wife and rub his junk against her like every other couple was doing at the bar. Kiss her neck and slide a hand inwards towards her thighs to arouse her inner parts until they couldn’t control themselves. Stimulate her, that’s what he should have been doing.

Damn that would have been sexy. I have to admit that Mike was quite the arousing man. He seemed to be a nice clean-cut kind of guy and all the nice things that Stacey mentioned about him made me want to see how that translates in the bedroom when shit gets ignited!

Mike was socializing unaware of what his wife was sharing here at the bar. It was fun to visualize what the man might look like when his dick gets hard. I imagined him getting assertive and I started to wonder if underneath that shirt, Mike was hiding a beast but I refrained from asking and decided to find that one out for myself. How could I get to Mike’s solid little body with his wife completely supporting it?

This was exciting.

“How would you help a couple like us?” she finally asked, turning her attention my way, interested to know more.

My heart rate increased the way it does when I get into storytelling, and already, my brain was starting to piece together all that I knew about this couple. “Well, I would show you both how to seduce each other, and that it’s important and completely natural to be sexual,” I started, trying to read her reaction as I went alone. “But most importantly, what I do is show you how to please each other, communicate your needs. You know, the good stuff.”

“In the bedroom?” she exclaimed like the topic itself was taboo.

“Yes, in the bedroom.” I paused; excited to see how she would react. She turned to her husband again. I’m sure that she was having a hard time digesting what I was offering, probably trying to figure out what I was not saying, pondering if they needed help. I started to wonder if I had not been too assertive and startled her, half expecting her to get turned off and leave.

“You’d watch us have sex? How does it work?” Stacey asked after a few more seconds of reflection, reassuring me.

“Yes, but like I said, my method is very unorthodox. My job is to show you both how to communicate, in and out of the bedroom. I’m not the one that will be watching.” I trailed off at the end, carefully observing her reaction as I prepared myself to explain my process.

Sex is a wonderful thing, and I cannot wait to see what it’s like with Mike and Stacey.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

Sex and Relationship Expert

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