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8P Transgender

Can I say how proud I am of Diversity and the opportunities that she creates, or should I have said he? What about the usage of they? Oh boy, can we talk about how you’ve been and what you are up to instead?

Thank you for asserting that flamboyance is not the only way to raise a flag. Thank you for saying that our gender does not define our identity, that equality comes from understanding and that fairness doesn’t mean having it all. We are not situated by expectations but shaped by our insecurities.

We are growing up more concerned with separating and defining our individuality than we are uniting by them, aren’t we? Agreed, it will take Effort to unify our differences if we are trying to distinguish ourselves by them instead. There is still a lot to figure out yet we are continuously learning about our mind and the effect of testosterone and estrogen has on our bodies. Wait, what? Purpose is what drives us forward and desires hinders our belief systems? Spectacular!

# Porcupine, is that you showing off your transgender colours? Cheers to you, lady Diversity.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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