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A Hat for Luck

How do you get over your fears and insecurities, dear #Porcupine?

Do you make a plan? Surely they can’t all work out as expected. What goes through your mind and how do you prioritize? Start with what I know? Isn’t what you don’t know that is petrifying? It’s the point, isn’t it? It is true that Excitement does usually hang out with Afraid - The Rebellious Duo.

Sonar Silverstud is ready and going to the pride parade.

Tomorrow is the pride parade in the capital and I’m excited, but also a little nervous to attend this year. While I have seen the parade once before and the experience was indeed beautiful, inspiring and encouraging, it had been a lot to take in, to be honest, and had left me rather concerned. Far too many individual perceptions and personal battles walked or stood by me juggling between Acceptance and Validation and sometimes I worry that we are growing up more concerned with separating and defining our individuality than we are uniting by them.

You know how Validation, the neediest and most demanding of all the Heart siblings, doesn’t move forward like Acceptance does. Even Needy gets contented.

We are shaped by our insecurities, aren’t we? This time around, I have an important message that is perfectly aligned with Pride that will be taking me right out of my comfort zone and into the moving parade. Do you know the meaning of the word consistently? What about persistently?

Be smart and exercise your brain. Be strong and able. Act by the heart and do so consistently and persistently. Purpose, is that how you get past insecurities?

Okay, I’m ready for the parade.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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