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A Pigeon of Prophecy at the Parade

The best part about the Pride parade is that it’s the goodsayers that speaks the loudest, isn’t it?

Dunting and exciting, you know that I couldn’t resist blurring the line between the moving parade and the bystanders, and jumped right in as a group of Satanist happened to march by. They were confused with my sudden appearance but that didn’t stop them from amassing support from the abording watchers. “All hail Satan at three!” One of the men shouted to the crowd with his two fists up high above his head. “One! Two! Three!”

“All hail Satan!”

The crowd chanted as one and they were loud. It’s with motivation that I moved forward with a message of my own.

Be smart. Be strong. And do things with your heart.

Waiving and interacting with everyone as I moved with the parade was awesome and the reason why I was there; and hearing all the love and encouragement coming from the crowd was amazing and exciting my mind, even as the scorching sun was burning my bare feet. That said, a group of people with baskets of apples happened to pass by which I gratefully accepted one and enjoyed a short break while the parade went on without me.

“It is said that a man wearing women's clothing will walk amongst us and with him will come the end of the world.” The words of a prophet coming from behind me might not have captured the attention of the masses but certainly held mine. His speech was loud, clear and continuous, and filled with big religious words that suggested that one person could repent centuries of tainted ways. Does it sound self-forgiving to you, #Porcupine? He went on for a few minutes and irritated the woman standing in front of me.

“Yeah?! Well my daughter is a lesbian and I didn’t stop loving and caring for her and you can’t say that she doesn’t deserve to be here and receive the same support as everyone else.” Satisfied, she turned her back to us and cheered on the passing parade. The way she spoke, she had come here with her statement and didn’t care who heard her.

“Who are you to say who I can and cannot love?” Said a second girl, empowered by the first, rude and angered. “You can’t come here and tell me that it’s not okay for me to love who I want to love!”

#Porcupine, apart from the one man he feared and referred to as the devil, he had not discriminated or had being aggressive in any way against anyone’s daughters or lovers. I could understand what the preacher symbolized to them but were their actions justified? I fear he was after Validation and Acceptation.

We interpret by what we know, don’t we? What if that man he foretold, masculine or not, was better equipped to manage this chaos he spoke of, but he had not come here to debate but to preach his sermon and persisted with his message uninterrupted.

I left the heart of my apple on the barricade blocking off the road to the traffic to dry in the sun and determined it was time to head back to the workshop and get to work.

There’s not much that differentiates pigeons, crows and seagulls.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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