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A Sturdy Heart of Stone

Hearts of stones are sturdy

Kindle for a riddle, #Porcupine?

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What can be used to cook, build, climb, stack, and is perfectly collected and remains 100% itself even if blown up by dynamite?

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A heart made of stone is one that is sturdy and resilient. Even when it breaks, is blown, smashed or crushed, every shattered piece remains absolute, which is remarkable. Making them emotionally stable and trustworthy.

They are easy to talk to, therefore understand everything because they’ve heard it all. A heart made of stone usually takes on huge responsibilities and that’s because they are strong and can handle nearly everything that life weights on them. That is why they accomplish lots.

I’ve met a Heart of stone and she held on to more than she let on and I wondered what to say. Those hearts may sink to the bottom of the river but they won’t drown. Stones do not breath under water. Instead, they save their breath until someone reaches out and takes them out, making it important that they establish a strong support system.

They say that rocks don’t cry, but then, where does all the water of the ocean come from?

     Sonar Silverstud

     8P Agent of Fortune

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