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A-D is a Rad Chick

Anxiety and Depression versus Laziness

Hey #Porcupine, have you heard about Stress?

Yeah, apparently that’s what Anxiety-Depression Heart is being labelled. Can you believe it? It’s true. I’ve seen entire room silenced the moment she stepped in. People were avoiding her and whispering her name in fear it’d conjure her somehow, and when I mentioned and wanted to invite her to join us, I was hushed quickly.

Dull and uninvolved, people were noticeably superficial around her and conversations were short but the moment she stepped away, people were quick to invite me away and were encouraging me to ignore Anxiety-Depression.

Pressure and Expectations, yes, but Stress is something that Lazy made up to be socially accepted instead of being blamed for his lack of effort. Lazy, the great narcissist without a cause. Pointing fingers and making others into who they are not, that is Lazy’s repentance game.

We all go through our day within our own abilities and we make decisions from what we know but Anxiety doesn’t make excuses nor is she interested in the blame game. It’s unapologetic and straight to the point with this radical chick. A-D is organized, thoughtful, an overachiever and usually managing more than one thing at the time. She’s the last one that stays when everyone else has left. In reality, all that Anxiety wants is to remind us to get organized and make a plan.

We all benefit from having a little A-D in our lives. Everybody does.

She mentioned something that resonated. Opinions are like onions. It has layers and a unique defence mechanism. People will judge, no matter what, but it doesn’t mean that it’s only negative and that minds won’t change or mature over time. I know, but I get a little worried when others starts acting as Judgement.

Interestingly, she mentioned Chance. "People are waiting for Chance and I know it." He is great but Chance tends to be unreliable. At the right place at the right time, and there’s a lot of people that exhausts way too much of their precious time trying to figure him out.

“The fast life is not made for everyone.” You know what? A-D might be right. “Don’t go calling Motivation thinking he’ll pick up, and don’t wait for him to get back to you either. He’s busy and you know he dislikes small talk. Make a plan and figure out what you want and he’ll get back to you. He always does.” She’ll tell you that.

Once a year and every year, on my birthday, I call Anxiety-Depression to hang out.

She tends to put things in perspective and I am most recipient on my big day. We press play on everything and bounce things off each other. A-D has an interesting logic and continuously surprises me. I surprise myself, according to her.

I gave Reputable a call. I have a plan that might work and he was up for it.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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