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Ben in The Little Red Working Stool

A gay the little red ridding hood story

Sometimes it’s hard to say no.

Dad had asked for a favour and I said yes even though I really didn’t want to. Someone he apparently knows as a friend had been having problems with his truck and dad wanted to be helpful, but the job ended up being a bigger project than he had anticipated and ended up with more on his hands than anticipated. It’s not what I wanted or how I planned to spend these past few late evenings but being there for each other is the point and am not as peeved now that I’m about done.

We chatted earlier, Mr Hello and I, and we arranged for a pick up time for later this afternoon. He mentioned something about six, but when I hear a set of tires pulling in the driveway and see a man getting out of the passenger seat of a black car before the vehicle drives out in reverse, he’s a good twenty minutes early. Even though this is a dirty job, I want to clean up before meeting my dad’s friend for the first time; reaching for the old rag on the work table to find the only corner left not saturated and try and get most of the grease off my hands as possible.

No need for perfection because the job isn’t quite done. I focus on my fingernails and between my fingers once-over before tossing the rag on the pile of swept dirt by the garage door that I’ll shovel up later. I still have this belt to install so when Mr Hello comes in a few minutes later, he finds me with my head under the hood of his truck finishing up.

“Hey there Ben. How’s it looking?”

“Good.” The job went well and now I can wrap up. “Just going to tighten the belt and install the shield and she’ll be good to go.”

“He.” Mr Hello corrects me, and I want to tell him that his truck became a she for needing so much attention as a personal joke of mine but I let it go. I don’t particularly care for his attitude at the moment and my hands are busy. Done with the truck, I head over to the driver’s seat to start the engine before installing the shield and closing the hood. The motor growls and runs like a charm. Yes.

“How much will it be?” The man asks quickly.

“With the parts and the job, sixteen hundred.” It’s the price to pay and it’s fair for the work done.

“I don’t know if I have all that cash.” He answers, not sounding as anxious or concerned as I think he should have been considering he’s here to get his truck out of the repair shop after the job is done. Avoiding eye contact with him and concentrating on screwing in place the shield before straightening the matter at hand, something doesn't seem quite right in the way that he reaches for the wallet in his pocket without taking it out. Mr Hello needs to figure out how he will be making his payment but it doesn't look like he’s trying at all. Mechanics is a skill and I don’t like the way he’s controlling the conversation.

“I’ve spent my evenings here working on your truck. The job is done. You wanted the work and now you need to pay.”

The man chuckles despite his truck taking space in my shop for over a week and the time I spent here. “Hey, for the work you’ve done, I’m sure it’s spectacular.” He raises both hands in the air like his fingers illuminated the sky like a clown while I’m paying attention and getting a show. There's nothing extravagant to exaggerate about mechanical repairs yet he goes on uninterrupted, his tone weighting on his words. “I’m sure I can pay for your service another way,” he says, grabbing hold of his belt. “Maybe you can think of something…”

Silence isn’t a sign of submission but I wouldn't tell that to a manipulator. This is my shop and there won’t be any professional intentions here going forward from the way he's presented himself. I’m not limited to his intentions or his price, and not to my patience or my tool wrench either. Bringing attention to his imposing belt buckle, Mr Hello reaches down to stroke the front of his pants but the fantasy isn’t conceptualizing in my head the way he yens for. He's not the first asshole I've met and I choose to treat him as such, so before facing this joker of a man, I reach for a fresh clean rag from the pile up the shelf and wipe off my hands as clean as possible. I may not be able to get all the grease off my hands without the proper cleaning agents but I get between my fingers and around my fingernails arduously as I organize my thoughts in order.

“Pay the price!” Is there a better way to say this? “That is all.” Not sure how my dad had figured out his payment arrangement with the guy but my tone is assertive and I will be judging my actions by what he says or does next. I’ve been polite up to now but this is my shop, my tools, my time and my work. The price is fair and I’m not appreciating him thinking I accept questionable offers. I would love to walk in and fuck the garagist for a free repair too. What a fantasy!

“I can pay the parts.” Mr Hello finally negotiates, leaving my time and work settled for free. His intentions had been malicious and that’s why he had come with his problem to old man Danske and not the dealership in town. Apparently, his honour keeps him from stealing but not cheaping out on the labour. My mechanic skill does not make him superior and if it is money he’s proud of, Mr Hello isn’t putting any on the table. My dad probably doesn’t know this man very well.

“You can suck my dick.” That feels good to say and I’m not going to ask three times. We make eye contact but I’m not backing down or having any selfless thought even if he tries to intimidate me. The way I see it, these are his house manner that he brings into mine which means that he understands what is expected from him moving forward. “Get me off.” I ensure to be heard, wondering if they’ll come a third time.

My hands need soap and water, they aren’t completely clean so I unbutton and unzip my jeans with the tip of my fingers and leave the rest to him. He thought that he was intimidating but not now that he's about to find out what I have packing. Let’s get comfortable and account for a payment, shall we? There’s the red stool he can sit on, and probably suck his first cock, right there. A virgin mouth could make up a portion of the debt, depending if he’s as committed to impress me and do as good a job as I have on his truck. I’ll figure out how much his parts are worth leaning against his truck with my work pants undone while getting for a felacion.

Mr Hello comes in front of me and grabs my package at his handful, sparing one last worthless attempt to demonstrate his superiority but I’m not falling for it. I’m interested in getting compensated and have overcome each one of his bullshit attempts since he started pricing. A scallywag, but I choose not to spoil anything with name calling. When he finally bows down on one knee and gathers his courage to proceed with his task at hand, I’m convinced more than ever that this is his first time but I cannot be certain. What he can be assured of is that he’ll hear me high spirited when he’s getting it right, and nothing else until then.

Doesn’t take much to get me straddling hard and my erection looks even bigger in his hand than mine. My intention is not to make it easy for him but he’s sizing my testicles and it’s getting my dick hard. Guys love comparing their cocks and I have a nice set of balls for him to get excited about. Plus, Mr Hello seems fond of pulling my skin down and licking his lips so when he moves closer and about to take a taste, I swing my tool around and wave my hips to tease his submission further.

For at least a couple of minutes, he takes only the very tip of my dick and sucks it like the nipple of a nursing breast, and that feels odd and good at the same time. It must be eagerness that finally tipped the scale for him because one thrust forward of my doing and he starts going up and down my shaft and reveingerates the hidden nurturing side of him.

Yeah, he’s getting it. My love making sounds starts as he doubles his effort, stroking his own dick while I’m leaning against his truck and about to cover his face with my load. The bargaining ain’t happening. What is he going to do now?

“I’m going to shoot soon,” warning him sounds like a good idea because this is when I get nice and throbbing-hard, locked and loaded. It ends up that his mouth on my cock is a true blessing. Yes, knowing the man is about to cum is usually a big turn on and Mr Hello is more than enjoying the deflowering of his mouth. My balls aching and my hips thrusting, I grab my dick and stroke it the way I like instinctively. “You’re making me want to shoot my load.” I say, about to climax. Mr Hello tries to catch my meat with his mouth but I’m about to shoot my load. “Careful...”

Seeing how eager for more he's become is impressive. He rests and remains kneeled down before me as the vulnerable bastard accepting his place in the hierarchy of command that he is, but direction flows loosely in deceitful minds. Expectations eventually succumbs to desire and his greedy mouth finds my dipstick despite my clear instruction. In the end, I miss him there and I allow my cocksucker to milk my load if that’s what he chooses to do. I stand there with my hips forward for a good dozen enjoyable seconds of pure bliss and trying to resist giving him my healthy load until I reach a hand behind his head and begin shooting right down his anticipating throat with the greatest satisfaction. Oh, it felt good to cum, and even better knowing that it came with a lesson.

After all this, a job well done. His truck is up and running and Mr Hello, who leans on the red stool to get up, can digest my sea~men and finish himself off elsewear . His truck is staying right here with me until he comes up with the money owing.

“Hey Mr Hello, I’ll take that ass of yours for the payment plus the parts if that’s what you want. I’d like that.” I say. “You owe me the entire sum that you owe me and this was just a warm up for me.”

Benjamin Danske



8P < Hey guys,

Prepositioning isn’t cool and we don’t all have Ben’s stature or his confidence to stand up for ourselves like he can. Almost surprising he shared the story he did, but not staggering. Wait to find out what happened when Mr Hello propositioned Ben for a free mechanic repair job, but unfortunately for him there's a tool that Ben can use very well and that is his own.

There is something about a wolf that is lone that Ben apprehends, apparently. What a guy, but what is the right thing to do when a manipulator is being an asshole? Ben likes his thoughts organized before actions and makes sure that before a move, the goal is achievable and well defined; and ensures so every single time. There for others even when he'd prefer be doing something else, Ben particularly dislikes manipulators and opportunists that disguises their gain, and has the stature and reputation to put his foot down and speak up his mind when needed. Especially when someone is asking a favour.

“Such big eyes, you have. Your voice is of honey and those teeth you have, are they sharp?” That’s me asking for trouble pretending I become invincible wearing my crusader cape, but skip the pleasantry and resist the urge thinking bullying is an acceptable behaviour. What happened to the little red riding hood in the end? Ben thought so too and his story turned out to be a hot one, long and spicy, and I hope you enjoyed the erotic twist on the classic The Little Red Ridding Hood tale.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

🌶 Turn up the heat with a mechanic shop role-play: When the customer can't pay for the repairs, hard decisions arise.

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