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BHF “How’s it Hanging?”

Your brother’s hot friend is visiting overnight and he is looking hotter than ever! You are careful to check him out without getting caught even though you wish he knew about your secret crush. Who knows, he might enjoy a brojob and maybe more. You don’t have much experience with guys but you are tempted to try seducing him now more than ever, and sneaking and fooling around in your brother’s back would be sexy - in your room or anywhere else you can get away with.

Eventually, when alone with him, he doesn’t look away when he catches you looking indiscreetly. “How’s it hanging?” You ask suggestively without deterring to break the ice and feel him out. It’s all or nothing and as sexy as it sounds, your brother’s hot friend settles right there in his seat and invites you to fulfill the desires that you’ve had for him ever since you started having a crush on him.

If someone comes, act cool, say almost nothing and move on to the garage, your room, the basement or anywhere you can think of.

Guys can be silly sometimes.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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