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What is the process of learning, dear #Porcupine?

I was hanging out with Effort, Reputable and Expertise earlier this afternoon, catching a movie later. We were hungry and there was a place that looked like a restaurant but didn’t have any sign other than then being open for business. Curious and up for any cuisine, we went in to find an open space that had two rows of round tables with chairs all the way down the middle of the room and three cubicle-style concepts areas on each sides, with short walls that were about three times my height in length with a counter top in each one of them.

The perfect gathering spot, this must be a caterer of events. When the single door at the complete other side of the room opened and a young lady came out and walked our way, I realised the absence of staff and anticipated learning about their reservations policy and hearing about their concept. She introduced herself as Ariel and while we didn’t have any reservations she did tell us about the place, only it was not a restaurant at all.

Did you know that there’s a knife throwing place in town? Of course I challenged the instructor to make a knife throwing master out of me to which she insensibly rested my entire success on my own ability to apply her expertise. She had the right attitude so I went for it.

She claimed an art to the sport and I took her word for it. Have to say, it was a lot of fun being teased as I failed miserably, but I applied myself to her teachings. You know what, # Porcupine, I noticed that the instructor wasn't adding anything new and I had heard her repeat how to properly throw a knife enough times that on my last shot, doing exactly what I had been taught, all three tips landed dead center. I did it!

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Thirty minutes and six attempts and I had successfully applied her expertise. She was proud to snap this memory, and only recognized her own achievement when she realised that I possessed the ability to learn when I had first asked her to make me a knife throwing master half an hour prior.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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