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Christmas Pup

Getting a puppy for Christmas last year might have been for you but it’s with your boyfriend that he bonded with as his master and started following everywhere, until naturally, your boyfriend who was visiting more often and spent most nights over, decided to move in with you. From that moment, you knew that your pup’s loyalty towards you was lost forever.

They became great inseparable friends and whenever the pup seeks attention or to play, he licks your boyfriend’s fingers until they both leave for a training session. Oftentimes while at the kitchen table but it’s only the following year, on Christmas Eve and celebrating the puppy's first anniversary in your household watching a movie all three together, that you suggest that he lets his loyal pet play with his bone in the living room with you there when the pup starts licking his fingers.

Being a festive occasion, your boyfriend agrees and takes his bone right out in front of you. Unsure at first, the pup is nervous but your boyfriend encourages him to come chew on his bone as you both enjoy the best part of the movie. “Good boy,” your boyfriend eventually says to his pup. He even helps him ease into your presence being there further by giving him tricks to demonstrate. “Jump on my lap and sit.”

“On all-fours,” he eventually commends as the movie progresses, and “roll over” he adds a moment later to show off his skills as it nears the end. Seeing them play together like this assures you that getting a puppy for Christmas was the best decision that you’ve ever made for your relationship.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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