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Coffee Baby

It’s still early but you’ve been cuddling and snoozing in bed all morning. "Coffee, baby?" you ask him. You could have a cup yourself. He smiles at his morning erection, not even at you. That's hilarious. Babe is playful too.

"I'll be right back,” you say, probably a little more cheerful than you should be yet not any different than he's used to. That thing will get hard again. You are as worried about that as he is likely to get up from bed before you’re back.

Fifteen minutes later and entering your bedroom, he’s rolled over to your side. Slipping and getting comfy in-between the sheets with him seems nice and inviting. The image is picture perfect. He makes moments memorable, your handsome man missing only you in there.

The sound of his cup on your bedside table stirs his restful little diddle. You don't drink your coffee the same, not in the morning, therefore he steals a sip from yours. You wanted to slide in bed with his arms around you and his chest against yours but now that you've got your first taste of java, from your cup since his is still way too hot to enjoy, you don’t feel like laying anymore. Instead, you turn him over to his back and take place on top of him. Had he smiled at his swollen manhood earlier?

And just like that, you have coffee sex and have it every weekend you can.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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