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Curtis in The New Guy

cognitive and behavioral study of the mind and perception

“For a group of gay guys, I feel oddly cheery and I’m cool with hosting them all again for sure. I’m enjoying this little bachelor pad vibe after all. Sam and Adil, and Jet."

~Curtis, coming to terms about his new living accommodations in The New Guy, Volume 1


Evidently, our capacities determine our place in the world and we learn lessons constantly by pulling from our environment while affecting it back in our image. We are all able to adapt but when circumstances that are different arises, new or conflicting, we observe and judge to try and understand to situate ourselves. Could it be why we assimilate with people that resembles us the most? A change that is difficult or uncomfortable usually introduces resistance but something is telling me that Curtis is well aware that Capacity is multifaceted and is exercised by extreems so I’m letting this one take shape without any intervention.

It'll be interesting to see the perspective of a straight bachelor living in a houseful of gay guys. Curtis is just out of a long term relationship and moving in closer to the college to concentrate on his studies. Where you live should feel comfortable and safe, and we all want a place to be ourselves so is Curtis someone that thrives outside of his comfort zone? At least the guy has the whole basement to himself that he can make into his own place and invite as many girls over as he wants.

Oh it’s exciting! The new guy is tempting and he’s cute when caught off guard.

Sonar Silverstud

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