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Die Another Day

Every new generations leads change

“The world changes as generations pass. Forward thinkers lead the way for the next.”

Kids are trying to become something more than who we are, and want to contribute and become their own great person by their own expectations. Do you know what they are, #Porcupine? Every new generation needs responsibilities and much more than approval. We constantly are moving so let’s go! Do you remember being young? His first, by chance. A seed pleading to grow.

Some of the stuff growing up was silly and part of our development but not all. What is the process of learning? Some was, is, slash should still be important. Meeting someone at their level and able to stand at your own. Wow, that is an amazing skill! His second, none behind or below.

Be smart and apply yourself. Be strong and exercise. Act by the heart and do so consistently and persistently. Purpose, is that how you get past insecurities?

A child and adult at the each other's level.

His last, an understanding; a reciprocal bow hoping that we don’t blind our children as we grew to be.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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