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Discretion Assured

Apparently, your roommate puts a sheet up at night and services whoever comes to the door. You are learning over dinner. “I send out a message anonymously to a group chat. To the regulars and whoever they invite,” he admits as you learn from his past experiences.

The concept of guys in town having a place to come together and be serviced discreetly, at your house and by your roommate, is now stuck in your head. Anyone could be on the other side of the sheet, even somebody he knows. You already have late plans out with friends but exaggerate the details and your time back. A gloryhole and you are feeling confident that he will be hosting one tonight in your absence.

When you get home later, surely enough and as you had judged, there is a sheet hung up where he said he’d be waiting. You slide in your cock and wait for the moment until, just as believed, your roommate’s mouth starts sucking you off through the hole. No questions asked.

“Fuck yes,” is all you want to howl out but you don’t want to be recognized so you say nothing at all and make as little sound as possible despite his greatest effort. There is no way he’ll ever know it’s you, and when the point of climax comes, you lay your load deep down your roommate’s throat for him to digest until brunch tomorrow.

Will your roommate ever admit that he hadn’t sent out a message that night until he had received his first visitor?

Sonar Silverstud

Agent of Fortune

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