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Humiliation Train

You’ve had doubts for a while and he lies at first but he’s been unfaithful and when you confront him, your man admits everything. Everyone apparently knows and he suggests that you don’t get involved in his affairs. He has needs that you can’t satisfy and dismisses the issue like you wouldn’t understand. It’s your fault for asking questions and he leaves to meet with his friends before the argument turns to a break-up.

At this moment, you don’t want any visitors but his friends show up at your door without him. They heard about the fight and make it up to you by taking their turn railing you hard and tirelessly while the others wait in line. Your welfare doesn't matter to them but it’s too late. Now that you know what they do when they socialize, you take them all, and when your man comes back home, you tell him everything that has just happened. His friends have left and that does not sit with him lightly but seeing as he’s the caboose, he comes at your rear, pulls down his pants and starts pumping for his load inside your steam engine.

Sonar Silverstud 8P Agent of Fortune

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