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La Tina Fantasia Soap Opera

Tina, your upstairs neighbor, is a delicate lady. Everything is either too loud or too much for her mental and emotional state. Tina stated so herself, and even came out of the house to threaten you in the backyard with her cellphone wielded up high in front of her a few days after moving in with her husband, swearing that she has been advised to record the conversation. She shouldn’t have to hear or see you at all, according to her, and the decent thing to do is ask for her forgiveness. As long as you do better next time but as you are not ceding to her eminence, Tina runs back inside to set an example of her authority around the house. She expects you to keep your noise level to nothing from now on and whenever she hears noises she can’t permit, she slams doors, stands above you to jump and then stomps the floor pretending to be watering her plants. Some days are worse than others but whenever you have enough from Tina’s bizarre commotion circuit, you bring your music to full blast knowing that she will send her husband to take care of the situation. He isn’t very bright either but her husband is arrogant when he comes to your door because you are making things difficult for his wife. You ignore the criticism, question his authority and suggest that he reconsider her dominance in the house. Soliciting his leverage, you bare him your tush to look at from where he stands and wiggle your hips as incentive to close the door and come inside.

There you are, having sex with him in smothered silence as Tina is upstairs proudly awaiting to praise him for handling the problem. Her husband preserves his golden boy image and it works every time.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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Important : Role-play is played between consenting adults, rookies and experts alike. Respect each other and disconnect from the scenario at the end. Lather, rinse and repeat. 🌶🌶🌶

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