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Laughter's Secret is in the Pies

What is the secret to laughter?

How was your day #Porcupine?

Earlier, Papa Heart and I were conversing when Laughter barged in. Realizing we were in the middle of something important, Laughter was quick to apologize feeling out of place.

“No need to apologize since you are a little rowdy.” I replied. “As you have not yet baked your pie and time is always hungry and almost insatiable, except for when it comes to your pies. I might never know why but from the first bite, to the very last one, time stops for a short moment to appreciate.”

I could tell that Laughter was touched and ready to get started but I had to ask. “How do you make them taste so fresh and uniquely delicious every single time?” How do you live up to your reputation? “What is the secret?”

Much to my envy, yet not unexpected or surprising coming from Laugher, I didn’t get an answer but the heavenly smell of a pie baking did fill the room instead.

There was more than one voice coming out of that kitchen. Who else do you think was in there lending a hand?

Mama Heart, maybe?

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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