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Mike and Stacey: At the Bar

Stories of couples ingniting their sex lives

“How can I get to Mike’s solid little body with his wife completely supporting it?”

- Sonar in Volume 1


I met Stacey at the bar the other night. She was supposed to be having a rare fun night out with her husband but they ran into friends of his. All she needed from me was to tell her that it was okay to go and get her man. I watched her go and couldn’t help but wonder how I could get to her husband’s tight body was she cupped his ass just like I had suggested. I didn’t stick around but I did get a call from my new friend today. We’ll see.

Stacey is fine with me sharing her story. The night at the bar is in Volume 1.

Sonar Silverstud

Sex and Relationship Expert



Sex on the beach for two, please.

Check out Volume 1: "Taking it all off!"

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