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Monkey in the Middle

How is it hanging #Porcupine?

Have you ever played a friendly game of Monkey in the Middle? A game of skills amongst kids to learn about behaviour, positioning and participation. Well, once older and surely wiser, we instead refer to the ball we toss as our knowledge, successes and ego.

What? Your banana is bigger? Not larger but longer? Enticing, but are you asking to be compared to the others?

Did you say sweeter? Aged or a spoiling wise one? Enticing, but should I use the term matured to perfection instead?

You are beautiful but do you understand the monkey in the middle? Should I remind you to hide your bruises to preserve your ego? Enticing, but are you figuring out a game as you play?

We only know ourselves yet we want to be the best at something, or as I’ve heard, give misery to those that we think are weak or have it easy. We want to think that the strongest survive but do we understand the monkey we entice?

“Your banana might be sweet but mine is bigger. Smarter and interesting too,” people insist. We interpret how others present themselves and unless proven otherwise, we represent ourselves well so we group with like-minded people that will be able to throw the ball back when not intercepting or influencing exclusive groups ourselves.

We are a bunch of bananas. # Porcupine, if you want something, what are the words to use to communicate and express yourself? Whether you succeed or not will always depend on many internal and external factors that you may not have control of. The other party might not want to share, maybe they can’t, unsure if they should or told that they shouldn’t. The answer might simply be not yet, whether we accept that as a valid response or not.

An introduction, the body of the message and a conclusion that only reveals itself through previous actions. Let’s try “what can I do for you?” if you have skills and the ability to help so we can all move forward instead of enticing and exciting others. Of course not;

It’s do as I say

Do as I do


Insanity! We are all completely bananas.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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