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No Skipping School Aloud

You are receiving a call from your pup’s disciplinary school to learn that he has called in sick pretending to be you. The principal goes as far as to lecture you that misconduct sometimes arises from an overstimulated mind so you assure him that you will talk to your pup yourself and will find him a hobby that will keep his mind busy.

When you get home, you find your pup masturbating, probably excited by his own bad behaviour. Determined to amend the situation, you bring him your cock. There are no complaints on his part and he gets started with his hobby right away; giving you good head because he really shouldn’t have skipped school and even less have pretended to be you.

As it turns out, the principal was right. Your pup does need discipline and be reminded of his responsibilities.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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