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No Stray Pup Allowed

You are receiving a call from your neighbour down the road to learn that he’s having work done on his roof while your pup is in his backyard and keeping the roofers distracted past their lunch break. The neighbour goes as far as to explain that straying is often due to a lack of boundaries so you assure him that you will deal with your pup yourself and tie a knot in the middle of his chain.

When you arrive home, you find your pup off collar with his tail wagging, probably jubilant for having an adventurous day. Prepared to mete out his punishment, you call him to you with his choker in hand. A pup needs to misbehave in order to be disciplined and now is not the time to neglect a perfect learning opportunity. He comes with his tail between his legs and yields at your feet. Obedience training, according to master breeders, is as much for the pup as it is for the master and behaviour change needs to stem from both sides. “Bad boy.”

You secure the choker around his neck and ensure that your pup can breath before taking out your cock. There is no whining on his part and he starts working on his apology right away; giving you good head because he really shouldn’t have strayed and even less dote on other masters.

As it turns out, your neighbour was right, your pup does need a tighter collar and be reminded of his boundaries.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

No Stray Pup Allowed gay role-play by Sonar Silverstud

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