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Onion Opinion

Onions are resilient, layered and have a unique defence mechanism. The soil they grow in affects their flavours and storage life, and while onions can be harvested at any stage of it’s growth cycle, it is when it’s leaves drops and starts to wither that they have reached full maturity. Pull them out and shake the soil off.

Opinions are layered like onions.

Many grows them themselves, yet most grabs their onions from the supermarket. Although similar, there are different varieties of onions and some are sweeter than others. Onions has a distinctive smell, yet accompanies well and enhances many dishes. Some are careless with their onions usage and adds them to everything, while others picks them out deligilently, yet a seasoned cook knows how to use them well. Sometimes, it is impossible to determine that they are there at all.

Yes #Porcupine, onions can make you cry and many shares their own coping expertise, and sometimes, it’s best to avoid them completely. Certain people are simply more susceptible than others.

One thing is certain, they are hardy and hard to miss.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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