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Adventures in the Classified - The NuttyScientist

Hot gay author

It was a while back when I visited the personal section of the online classified and posted an ad of my own. My message was simple and safe, feeling the site maturity out, yet feeling hopeful. “Looking for a good looking guy around my age to come and ride me and get to know.” Boy was I happy to see dick pics in my inbox even if it wasn't what I had asked for. I was hard and playing with myself which usually leads to a lot of precum. Fuck I loved it! The next day, I returned to find a few more responses, one whose reply stimulated mine. We met for a walk that very night. Astonished as I was to learn that he was married, it was a go and we hooked up at my place.

He held the ability to surprise, and I’ve met with him half a dozen times before meeting his husband since making my intentions clear that even though his relationship was open, I would feel a lot more comfortable acknowledging his partner so I was invited for an evening. I greeted the excited husband with my tongue that night (I am French) right there in the entrance. The connection was instant and we all got along harmoniously. We hung out a short while before heading to the master bedroom to show the husband exactly what sort of things we do at my place. Boy was it ever hot! Adopting the attitude of a stud is a lot of fun and I loved having such an intimate audience so I made sure to impress. You see, as I am a Leo. Can’t help it.

I could have slept over that night, and had the opportunity many times after, but I never do. Open-relationships, I am convinced they are not for me as every time I met with him, he gave me the gift of his beautiful body, his amazing mind and his loving heart.


Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune


Hot Canadian transgender woman

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