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Polishing His Shoes

That evening, he has to leave for a work function and even though you both enjoy your time together, he is a man of his words and his word he had given. Those days usually pass by way too quickly and already, it is time for him to get ready. He showers while you press his shirt, and he gets dressed as you help him with his cuffs and straighten his collar.

He never carries much and soon is sitting on the bench by the front door to lace his shoes. You can’t always accompany him but hopefully your smile reflects how proud you are of him. If only you can show this man the same dedication he has, even if it is only in your own simple caring way.

You kneel in front of him before he has the chance to notice the polishing kit in your hand. You say nothing, letting your actions do the talking, almost making a point that he should too. He has shown you how he likes his shoes polished before and your intention is to impress him.

He sits back on his bench with his feet facing forward. You are both comfortable in this position and you focus your attention on the detailing of his shoes. You are careful and respectful, yet arduous and you don't desist. You can feel your chemistry blossoming but he can’t be late. Certain things need to wait.

You kiss before he leaves and wave your man farewell as passion lingers on both your lips, hoping he knows you’ll be waiting for when he comes back home to finish what you have started.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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