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Robert is Down with Sickness

Wow guys! Robert shared his evening details from last night with me that I think is simply amazing. It’s sweet and romantic, and oh so sexy. If you didn’t know it yet, that Clément is something else. I sure am glad that I checked in with my ill friend because this story turned out to be too fun not to share. You’ll enjoy it as much as I did, for sure. That's why I'm sharing it!

Even the dullest moments, like being sick, unveils possibilities to ignite some sparks by surprising your partner. #RelationshipGoals


A sexy story of two gay guys with romance.

I haven’t been feeling very well lately and it sucks. Feeling like crawling out of your own skin all day is exhausting. There’s not much I can do about my angering condition but I do wish I didn’t feel this way because today had been hell. Clément had it last week and graciously handed it to me like the descent prince he is. Whatever, it’s fine because having taken care of him then, which I love-love to do, he’s taking my example and returning the favor in a cute way.

“No way babe, leave the dishes where you found them,” he repeats himself a second time because I refuse to act like I can’t do the basic stuff such as washing the dishes in the sink after diner because to this stupid cold.

“The hot water actually feels good on my hands.” I try to make a case but my efforts are futile.

“You don’t let me get away with it when I am sick,” he argues back in the most loving but adamant way possible. He knows his audience, this man. What can I say? I yield knowing that he’s right, rolling my eyes and accepting that my health will define my evening. I’ll deal with how I feel about that later but for now, Clément is informing me of his plans for me which includes nothing exhilarating, but boring as it may, I welcome the sleep and ask him to hold on to the mentions of a bath. I like the sound of that and he can’t take away from me.

At this point, hitting that pillow after eating without any of the cleaning sounds nice. Babe thoughtfully covers me with the blankets, tucks them under my feet, kisses my forehead and waits a few minutes on the side of the mattress before leaving. I feel him there which is pretty comforting even though my eyes are shut and I’m not paying that much attention now that my head is resting comfortably. I doze off rather quickly but not before feeling him leave the bedroom and hearing his piano playlist that I always find irritating playing in the background, yet this time it drifts me to dream land.

I have no idea how long I slept but it feels like I have been knocked out for much longer than the hour Cliff claims. “Hello baby,” he quietly whispers in his soft French accent, rubbing my chest in circles. “How have you slept?”

I stretch my arms without troubling myself with a response. He’s so handsome towering over me shirtless like that. A few seconds goes by in silence as my senses gently awakes. He’s still rubbing my chest and starts rolling my nipple with the tip of his thumb as he informs me that the tub is ready. I feel like a queen even though I look more like a toad but that isn’t stopping me from having my hot bath.

Clément is moving around in the kitchen by the time that I convince myself to pull the blankets off and let the chilly air against my bare skin. Honestly, if it wasn’t for him taking care of me, I’d stay in bed and sleep longer even if I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I do. Actually, I would have slept right through had he not woken me. It doesn’t matter. I love baths!

“Come on, baby. The tub is ready,” he implores as he passes by the open door of the bedroom where I can see him holding our biggest pot in his two hands which he had cared to boil water in. Perks. I appreciate the gesture so I slide down to the side of the mattress just as I hear the weight of the water fall into the tub. Not that the water here isn’t hot, the quantity is limited. Halfway through, our hot water tank is out. Fine for regular baths, but today looks like I am relaxing in an oven-like tub filled to my neck.

He smiles when he notices me in the doorway of the bedroom, looking his usual goofy self now wobbling our second larger one handled-pot and encouraging me to follow him as he is careful not to spill any of the scorching water onto his feet on his way back to the bathroom. “There you go.” He rallies as the water streams down the tube, looking so proud of himself. He should be because he’s amazing.

I power off the stereo that is still playing his boring piano tunes. He smiles at me and can’t be surprised but I don’t know if he realises how much I appreciate all of this. I probably look sick so I don’t worry much.

“I hope that it’s warm enough.” I do too. The water is actually pretty fucking hot, almost too hot to handle but I’m stubborn and take it gradually instead of doing anything about it. It can only be good for me and once completely inside, I resolve to become a semi floating deadweight in hot water. My throat opens up and my nostril clears up with the steam which feels great. Cliff even lit up a few candles to add a romantic touch and left me to my own as the flames danced on the walls of the darkened room.

It doesn’t take long that I’m frolicking around and forgetting I’m sick. The nap was good and Clément comes in shortly after to keep me company. It doesn’t take him long at all to reach for my nipples and pinches them both semi-softly and semi-aggressively as he usually does even though I am feeling weak. I think that I would be upset if he ever does it any other way. I like when he shows his young immature side.

I’m letting the hot water relax my body. I don’t feel like chatting but I enjoy having him sitting on the throne, apparently fostering an erection that turns me on a little. Who doesn’t want to excite their man? I am naked after all but I think that he’s just turned on by his efforts. As long as he isn’t relying for much of it on my part because I don’t have a lot of energy. Cliff doesn’t ask but he takes his cock out of his shorts. It surprises me because he’s usually very gentlemanly, but yet again, he is secretly assertive.

He smiles once his dick is at his hardest, letting go of it to show off a bit before grabbing and jerking it again and giving me a nice bath-time show. I giggle at how silly he is acting. Cliff strokes himself devotedly and I am amazed how quickly I get into it. I reach for my dick the moment he closes his eyes and find my right nipple with my free hand but I don’t stop watching him. It’s an alluring sight to have my sexy man tease his cock like that for me, something that honestly doesn't happen enough. Cheers for keeping things fresh, my amour.

The look in his eyes expresses the lust he feels for me the moment he reopens them and finds me playing with myself. The feeling of pleasing him perks me up. I’m enjoying this just as much as I am admiring his balls bounce at the enthusiasm of his strokes. Actually, there is a sentiment of pride in there as well and I have to admit that it makes my dick swell in contentment.

“You are so sexy, babe. God, I would fuck you right now, but…,” he tease without finishing his thought, choosing to close his eyes and probably fantasize about the fun stuff he has in mind. When he reopens them, hunger for me shimmers deep in them. I want to call out his bluff. How could he think so highly of me, but his brown eyes ignite fires inside of me. If only he knew how captivated I am with him, my stud that decides to exhibit himself, at this moment. The muscles of his stroking arm bulges as he’s resting the other one comfortably yet confidently and seductively on the porcelain sink is creating quite the sexy picture. Like: Damn babe, way to remind me how manly you are. It’s not that I need to feel desirable right now but my erect man is definitely making me feel good about myself. He notices that I am getting into it and that’s when he gets really passionate with his self-love.

Every one of his long strokes encourages me to find my ass with my index finger. It’s irrefutable. He’s holding on firmly to his rigid cock and goes into an intensely slow demonstration of his cockhead and all I can think about is how that’d feel inside. Touching myself under water feels sensual and I crave him closer now more than ever. I’m starting to think that I need some of his exhibition of energy now that he’s gaining momentum and slowly builds to his climactic finale.

I know that he is close to shooting his load the moment he pulls and holds his foreskin down. Having been more apt, I would wrap my lips around what he”s cherishing in his hand and brush my tongue all around its head until I hear him cry in pleasure. Instead, I get to see the expression of his face as he finishes himself off. His breathing becoming hard, he lets out his first soft moan. Fuck that is hot! Quickly becoming grunts, Clément is holding his breath between them as he changes his grip to grab the bottom of his cock and allow his shaft to stand prestigious. Pulsating three hard and distinct times, Cliff’s cock starts shooting huge amounts of cum towards his hairy chest, even more oozing down his shaft so erotically that it brings forth my own coveted climax. My whole body reacts with pleasure until all my load is floating above water.

As the mood settles down, there is a strong feeling of connection between the two. To masturbate in front of each other like this feels much more intimate and natural than I would have anticipated. He shows me his hand covered with his cum and I enjoy the naughty sight. “You should have shot on my chest instead,” I tease and he chuckles at the lost opportunity.

“Give you a sperm bath,” he plays and I smirk, ready to shampoo my hair and get out of the water.

After the bath, once in my comfy clothes and feeling a whole lot better, I find myself getting comfortable on the couch as Cliff fetches his thick pair of socks that only I wear. He admittedly left quite the impression and I am still thinking about him and how special this had been when he comes back. Seeing my man milk his load in front of me like that is incredibly erotic. I’ll be thinking about those bouncing balls for a long time.

Clément cuddles with me on the couch with his head resting on my shoulder where he stays all evening. To my contentment, he falls asleep first – Snoring as anticipated but it really doesn’t matter. Sleep all you want, mon beau chum. You must be exhausted. You deserve your rest and I appreciate you here with me.

Robert Lionheart



Something Rob and Cliff do well as a couple is allow the other to be themselves. Sometimes together, like in bed, and oftentimes one after the other such as in conversations, or in this case duties when nursing each other.

We do things we’d like in return all the time and it is a great way to show love in our relationship. Effort for effect. I wouldn’t put it past Clément to take advantage of a crappy day to make the most out of it. He enjoys thinking ahead and measures his success by the amount of effort it takes him to keep going.

It turns me on when I get it right too but it is incredible how Cliff keeps things fresh and interesting – something that he might not realize he does so well. Being there for his partner is manly, and having old-school values is what feels sexy to him and it reflects in his actions.

Another wonderful memory created, mon man.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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