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Sam in Exhibiting on the Bus

Hot erotic story of gay exhibitionist story on the public bus from Sonar Silverstud

I am feeling particularly good with myself with my workout at the gym, surrounded with hot guys doing all kinds of sexy exercises for me to indulge in as I complete my own fitness routine. What can I say? An hour at the gym usually has me worked up and ready to fuck, and today has been no exception. Let’s find the hottest guy and get him turned on.

This is actually a new gym that I have decided to try out after gaining a bad reputation at my last one for doing a little more than most do in the shower stalls of a gym. Not that I mind the publicity, at first, but it was time to swap scenery. It was overdue and I’m thinking I might like it here the moment that a group of four fit guys chatting up a story walks in. Old habits die hard, what can I say?

I often make up people’s stories to entertain myself at the gym and today there are two guys in particular that have caught my attention working out together. What triggered my mind is their camaraderie and the way they are encouraging each other. The first one is shorter than the average, maybe stronger, and seems like it’s his first or second time at the gym and is being trained by his friend who is doing some chin-ups. He gives it a try and his clumsiness captures a little more of my attention than it should so I hop on a treadmill and monitor them both going through their program from this distance. What’s wrong with being indecent if it’s in my mind, right?

Outside of working out at the gym and looking good for the ladies, I amuse the idea that the short one is a single straight mechanic that has dreams of finding his one-and-only and mate after his long days at work and on weekends. Someone deprived can be aggressive in bed and I’m deliberating whether I should find out if he’d do me instead. A good pounding from behind until he blasts that load all over my cheeks knowing that’s what I want. The faster my heart rate, the further the story deepens; to the point where the mechanic is losing his breath trying to keep up with the coach’s reps with the pounding of my ass. Like, yeah… An imagination like mine is why I need to find myself a man, and quick. My bulge stiffens and might be showing so I look around and allow the erotic process to conceptualize and settle down.

The friend, he might not be a personal trainer but he seems like one right now helping out his buddy. He’s taller and fit, and obviously knows his way around the gym equipment. He’s a regular here, it shows, and has an inviting pair of sexy calves. I guess he’d be the friend I’d ask for pointers at the gym too. Are they elementary school friends, you think? They’re having fun and that’s what counts and you know what? It’s entertaining for me too.

I debated finding out where my courage would take me but I didn’t and I regret it slightly now that I am waiting for the public bus to go home. Another missed connection. On the flip side, I am planning on visiting this gym again, soon. Maybe I’ll get a second, or better, chance with them; two hot guys back at their place with some music to set the mood... I wouldn’t mind any kind of private show. You know… a stage production like when we were in elementary school except riské and arousing. That would be hot.

The bus arrives within minutes and I sit in the middle section where the seats face each other and bring my gym gear up with me. I don’t even notice the guy sitting in front of me until half the ride home.

It’s not his looks that caught my attention because he is not outstandingly attractive. The guy is older but not by much, is very skinny and wearing a red muscle shirt that shows off his tight muscles, jeans, a backward baseball cap and is nonchalantly gazing out the window like everyone else in the bus that is not on their phone, chatting or napping. That’s not what caught my eye.

There’s porn online with people doing stuff on transits and it looks like he’s a fan of them. The man is bulging and his pants are looking snug. How can I have not noticed him sooner? One look and I am aroused. Could I be risky too, I wonder. Reach down his thigh and do things with my hands on the bus?

There’s about twelve people in here and all of them are distracted except for one. His indecency has captured the attention of the woman that entered the bus with me earlier and she is not appreciating his fetish as much as I am. She is frowning in her seat and shaking her head in disbelief, and if the tasty visual isn’t enough to entice me to take part in his game, the prudness of that lady definitely is. Doesn’t look like she’s considering alerting the bus driver just yet. Seems like she’s getting some new material to gossip about with her friends and I smirk knowing that she will certainly be chatting about this later. Without a doubt, haha.

It’s hard not to stare when there is a shaft strapped along the length of the leg of someone that is getting a kick pretending nothing is going on. He might be getting off at my stop…, who knows? The guy eventually catches me staring, a real problem of mine, and gives me a satisfactory grin before setting his attention to the window once again, but I notice a nudge in his pants. It’s impossible to tell if he’s trying to seduce me or just full of himself but I would like to know because this is hot and tantalising.

My indecent culprit might not be interested in more since he doesn’t seem to care for my attention and I get the feeling this is not his first time. He’s probably trying to be seen and get to people’s head. I bet that most people would be too afraid to go for it but he doesn’t know that I don’t have those social barriers. If he continues thinking he can get away with his big hard dick like this, then he needs to think twice and probably start being careful if he is not planning on stirring up any more trouble than he already has. Looking at the girth in his pants, that thing is ready to pop right out of those pants. I could slide that between my legs and let him reap the benefits from having a nice hard cock.

Without consideration and completely absorbed by the man’s endowment, I leave my seat to settle on the one beside him. His leg opens against mine the moment I flair his lap, and that is sexy. Fuck, that guy enjoys the attention. The last thing I want is to start something and have it escape before being done with it but it’s hard to believe I moved seats not to get adventurous so I find his shaft along the inside of his thigh and grasp it with my hand firmly yet only quickly.

Have we gained an audience? Of course I catch that woman staring but until she realizes that she is seen, she appeared captivated and is probably looking away to hide her face. She’s excited and she wants that dick too. Damn lady, you are making indecency enticing and impossible to resist. No one else seems to be paying attention but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any silent admirers.

I return my hand on his lap and let my fingers lead the way back inside his thigh. Yeah, he could use the release, I determine, stroking him lightly even though here isn’t the right place. My buddy hasn’t been paying any attention to me while I’m pondering how much more enjoyable it’d be for him if he was outside of those jeans. Not to ask his name because anonymity is endearing but I lean over to my new friend to know if he will follow me home and let me worship his bulge like I have been meaning too; in me instead of making a parade. Something is bound to go wrong if we keep this up here.

Just as the notion contrives, the same lady as before gets up, shakes her head disapprovingly and says something I can’t hear from here. She was looking straight at us but now she’s making her way toward the driver. Clearly, she must have seen enough and is doing something about it. Her mumbo jumbo obviously attracts the attention of the other passengers who are looking our way and my heart starts pounding my chest. I have gone too far! Why have I changed seats?

The stranger, whose name remains unknown, is much quicker to react and pulls the signal cord behind us. Lucky for us, a bus stop is coming up and the driver does not deter. He breaks and sways into the side of the road before the lady could get to him, releasing us from all consequences.

“Ok—well, that was fun!” I shout in disbelief of what had happened. The severity of my action is disconcerting, and I don’t know how I could have explained being caught in a public bus stroking a passenger’s hard cock to anyone. My heart is still pumping deliberately and it feels like we are getting away with something bleek, now free to get me a fuck with what is held uncomfortable in my horny pal’s pants.

The neighbourhood is calm, at least today. We aren’t far from my place, technically two bus stops away if only that prudish woman hadn’t decided to freak out on us, so I invite him over to carry on what we have started inside. “How about you come over to my place?”

He agrees but we don’t get that far. We slip in the driveway of a house with a high cedar hedge surrounding the property and we are swift to find our way to the side of the house where there are no windows and no reason to hold back. My heart is pumping but not in a bad way this time because being seen is fine but I want to get away with my bad decisions. The fear of getting caught is exhilarating but nowhere as thrilling as seeing him later unbuttoning his pants and pulling his nice cock and balls out. His jeans are caught around his thighs but he comes behind me and ready to go with very little foreplay. I hold on to my ankles as he grabs my hips, pulls me in slightly and finds his way inside.

I moan as he starts fucking me, quietly at first not to alarm the home owners or the neighbors because feeling his length going in and out is making it impossible to remain silent. He’s pumping my ass like he deserves it while I’m gasping for air and trying my best to keep our cover despite his best effort to make me say inaudible comments. That is until I give in and start lamenting on the side of someone’s house.

“Fuck yeah. You wanted that in your ass, didn’t you? You saw a nice dick and you wanted to have it. Oh, you wanted it long and hard, that’s what you wanted.” My instigator becomes verbal the moment he hears me and I love driving him to his madness. Dirty talk is such a turn on and his observations are absolutely correct. “Well take my load slut and walk home with it.” He adds a fair and enjoyed moment later as he holds me tight to him by my hips and I feel myself getting filled. My own climax follows with a moan that echoes like a miniature roar.

He pulls outs and reaches for his pants that he struggles to put back on before walking away to wherever he had been headed to when I first saw him in the bus without saying a word while I am still panting for my breath. A jerk? Unquestionably but am I ok with that? Oh yeah! He has been able to discharge the built-up sexual urges that have been plaguing and I am now good to go! … and well filled. I love that!

What a beautiful day it is. Perfect for a walk.

Samuel Jean



It seems to me like Sam found himself an exhibitionist. I have met a rebel of the manly form before, showing off and proving a point that man could show their assets too. He was also skinny and sexy, showing off his muscles in a muscle shirt too, and he thought that he was leading by example when I asked. He would have expected that old lady's reaction just the same and would have loved Sam’s attention, that is certain. Most extreme behaviour is to stir a reaction or prove a point. How do you rationalize with someone that is permissive?

Proving a point doesn’t prove, bring or make a cause.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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