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Sam in The Movers - Part 1

The psychology behind relationships

“I am up for the adventure. I like to hang out with guys, look and do things with guys as long as they clean up after themselves.”

~ Sam in Volume 1, excited and moving in with Adil, Jet and Curtis in The Movers, Volume 1.


Sam understands and communicates with the world around him with interactions, and since we learn with extremes, he tends to go all in and call mistakes never. He’s at 100 if you are.

My redhead friend is boy-crazy and can be easily excited. Sam is impatient and development takes time, what can I say? He either goes from one thing to the next, seeding ideas and stimulating responses - triggering is probably a better term - or attracting attention to himself and that’s because he despises missed connections. Sam hates them and instead, he’ll do what he can to spark a reaction and make things happen.

It’s not only about sex or love, but nothing is more rousing than seducing men, obsess their mind and become the object of their every desires. The world is a playground to Sam and boys are toys. Nobody is perfect but he’ll find something to hanker for in anyone he fancies and calls everything romance.

He’s in college and his type varies from the available guys to the unavailable men. Possibilities are exciting and Sam craves connections. Uncertainties are possibilities, and opportunities are endless. “What is always the same doesn’t change us.” You might be right Sam, but if you keep making the same mistakes, you might not be moving forward at all. With a grain of salt, we are friends and we all have ourselves to manage. We learn with extreems and we can be uptight.

Conversing with him is illuminating, lively and interestingly profound. Spirited, I guess. Verbal and non-verbal, his need to communicate and be understood is outstanding but really, Sam isn’t the only assertive one out here and we are all trying to figure it out. If only we could all see it your way.

Hung up in our perspectives, do people say that?

The move was last minute. Since his dad’s new job is out of town, we feared Samuel was moving out of town before college started but Adil needed a roommate and it all worked out in the end. It’s awesome and I’m glad the whole gang is staying together, but remember Samuel, Reputable takes note.

Sonar Silverstud

Sex And Relationship Expert



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Gay hot movers erotic story

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