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Saying Hi Butterfly

Amazing and exciting are the stories of the past

Jogging has literally opened new horizons for me. I can go for longer distances with a lot less effort than before. Did you know about the park farther down the trail? It was lively so I took a break and snapped this memorable picture.

>On the left, there were three gentlemen sitting in lawn chairs controlling these miniature sailing boats, with a fourth one throwing a metal rake tied to a rope as far in the pond as he could to pull back the weeds to the shore. I talked to him first and he told me they meet every Thursday to race and that it was his turn to clean the lake. They were absolutely taken back by a stranger coming up to them but a few questions about their hobby and I got an open invitation to join any time. Yé.

>To the right, there was a wedding and everyone looked beautiful and happy. Of course I couldn’t help myself but to say hi when I crossed path with a group of guests only to learn that I was talking with the groom. Hahaha, fun!

>And just behind, there was a small stage overlooking a tiny pond where three kids with nets were going nuts trying to catch bugs. From the looks of them, the only thing they caught was a good time. That is for sure.

>This picture was taken before any of these interactions but after pointing to a no cycling zone sign to a group of people on their bicycles, calling them as who they are - rule breakers. They all got off their bikes and I don’t know why. Being them, I would not have stopped. Eat my shorts, punk.

I saw a lighthouse even farther for next time #Porcupine 🦔

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune


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