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Sonar Silverstud is a muse that amuse

Prime office time and you know it. Finding the perfect spot to work the last few details of my very first book coming out soon, and being at the farm, thought I’d scout out something special and set up to have some fun. I did and it was perfect. A laptop in the shop seemed to amuse my brothers and I couldn’t have had asked for more. Pretty sure it was twenty minutes max without someone looking for something or passing through and catching up. Lunch at 2, and boy were we hungry.

Getting a perspective from the the shop was pretty lively. I’ve accomplished more than I could have anticipated and that’s awesome. I love these days, #porcupine. The ones that surprises me and that’s exactly what I had been looking for. By far, the best part were the shop beers shared together at the end of the day.

Purposeful and essential, they have many bright ideas for a bigger and better shop and I listened completely amazed to their stories of the past as they got excited for the future. Of course I did too. Trust me, all the shop could ever want is to have many more days such as this very one.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

Drinking James Ready beer at the shop with my brothers

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