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Sonar in Mike and Stacey

My methode is unorthodox inside and outside of bed

"Yes, but like I said, my method is very unorthodox. My job is to show you both how to communicate, in and out of the bedroom. I'm not the one that will be watching."

~ Sonar to Stacey at the bar, waiting for her husband in Mike and Stacey in Volume 1.


I was catching up with my friend Kenny who bartends at the Stormont Dundas when I met a woman sitting on the bar stool beside me waiting for her husband to finish catching up with his friends before they enjoyed a fun night together. Stacey was such delightful company, I could only assume Mike is a standup guy.

She must have made a wish to kindle a love that night; I had to ask. It was a rare night out for them with two young daughters at home that brought pride and joy in their lives, I gathered, but their intimacy had suffered, she mentioned. She brought up routine, and routine excites me. Yeah, we all manage our days and having someone doing little extras is hot. I already had a few ideas to help my new friend out.

“My method is very unorthodox,” I said, and she was curious when I explained my process. “I’m not the one that will be watching.”

You should have seen her reaction, and boy was I content seeing her walk up to her husband after our conversation and squeeze her man’s ass that night, but hearing Stacey enthusiastic on the phone this morning was just as impelling as the first time I listened to my gut and followed through with my instincts. This is why I love what I do. Communication is tough, yo!

I haven’t met with him yet but now that we have our first session lined up, I am not going to lie and will admit that I have been wondering how’s Mike in-between the sheets. I can’t wait to get to know this couple and ignite their romance.

Extra thrilled,

Sonar Silverstud

Sex and Relationship Expert



A snippet of our conversation is available to read here or check out Volume 1: "Taking it all off!"

new gay erotica series to follow

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