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Sonar, Superhero 🧠

Being a social chameleon is like being a superhero

Part of being a social chameleon means that I tend to understand and interact with the world around me with emotions. Evidently, as I learned how my brain works, I became conscious of yours. It may not seem like much but being able to perceive and interact with emotion is an immense responsibility.

I am not sure when this started. I’m not even sure why or how but I wouldn’t change even if I can. My gift became my personal journey and brought me here to BEACHWOOD.

As my skills developed, so did my confidence and adventurous side. One thing led to another, and soon, I found myself in bed with couples looking to find and reignite their romantic spark with a bit of sexual therapy of my own. As unorthodox as my methods may be, listening beyond what is said comes to me naturally and I've got the success stories to attest my reputation – all while getting naked and taking charge. Sometimes, a different approach with the right attitude is all that is needed.

What can I say? Having superpowers is pretty darn cool and I use them for personal gain consistently. It doesn’t take much to get things heated around here. Nothing wrong with spicing up your relationship and keeping things exciting.

Holly, BEACHWOOD is one sexy place.

Sonar Silverstud, the Social Chameleon

8P Agent of Fortune

Finger bang your relationship with Sonar Silverstud

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