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State of Emergency

This is part of the story of a father and his four children. Ronald, Son, Thomas and Annabelle during a challenging time.


Son, can you see the mountains that are far in the horizon? There is a camp with shelter, food and medication set up there with people that will know how to take good care of you. It will take you seven days to reach if not more and you might get sick during the pandemic. Breath slowly and not deeply. Control your heart beat above all and keep your mind focused on reaching your destination safely.

Take the road out of town with our wooden handcart and every remaining good piece of lumber we have to your older brother, Ronald, where the road forks to the old bridge over the deep river. He is stronger and skilled, and I have sent him to repair the bridge that was torn down during the last big storm as Thomas, your younger brother, will be travelling alone and going last. Thomas isn’t strong enough to carry enough supplies to sustain him through his travel up the longer path around the river and will rely on the shorter road across the bridge to survive.

I have gathered supplies with enough food and water to sustain the longer way around the lake. Leave now and bring your little sister with you. She will be helpful. Keep her safe and each other company. Please Son, finish repairing the bridge in Ronald's place should you find your brother ill and in critical condition while you, Annabelle, will need to be strong and carry more than you ever have.

Once you arrive at the refuge, please be kind and polite to everyone there. Dry your shoes, offer your help and do not take more than what is given. Please Son, present them with this handwritten letter asking for permittance to carry enough medicine back with you to your older brother who is braving the current situation on his own.

Take the route back through the bridge and return home as soon as you can but be cautious of the savages that lurk the path at night and will harass you for bribes against your life. Please Son, take my purse with all the coins that I have. You will need to bargain for yourself as well as for your sister and your younger brother who will be passing through a few short days after. Disguise her and ration your food to give what you can to Thomas when you cross path on your way back.

“What if we don’t see Thomas, father?” Annabelle asks finding the opportunity to speak.

“Then it means that he took a different route, that is all,” the father responds so plainly that none of his children could discern his many worries. Such heavy burden on their shoulders.

Sonar Silverstud

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