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The Arabian Sun

You talk about the stars

And who you think we all are.

There’s planets afar

With meteors a jar.

A moon or a few

But none the dew.

Stars of all size

And galaxies to harmonize.

A pull like a bull,

But none bigger, stronger or better

Than the fire of a gun

Or the Arabian Sun.

You know yourself,

That is fine.

Since we only know ourselves,

I’ve asked #Porcupine.

You can be a prince and you can wear a crown,

Constellations are above and you are not part of one.

You’re here, look up, there’s more than your own,

Guess it’s true that stars gas on the throne.

Hilarious, I know but it’s true.

Not only that, I am playful to you.

Only with you, the Moon is shining too.

Be there for the others, so we can all be stronger.

You shine bright and I’ll be your reminder.

Progress together to take care of one another.

None greater only you need the splendour.

Not only but I love the Earth greatly,

Mother Nature, Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter consecutively.

Nowhere else are there waterfalls,

And I wouldn’t want to lose them at all.

So good night the Moon and good day the Sun.

Good to see you, all my silver studs.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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