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The Ball that is Red

“I see a little girl playing with a red ball. The ball is red because it isn’t blue. It will never be green and it shouldn’t be purple. I am yellow and I don’t have a ball at all. And every day, I see the little girl playing and I wonder why her ball is red.”

This was the first story that I had come up with to entertain Wonder Heart a summer we worked together but it wasn’t the first time that I had seen that red ball. She was amazed and speechless and the moment struct with me; and I will tell you why.

The dragon's red ball that is not yellow

It’d get busy at work but sometimes, when we had the chance, she’d share the most amazing things people said or that she did outside of work and everytime it was something different. Being undisrupted and able to finish, she’d end with a punchline that she’d think was hilarious, and it was, but most times I’d see her bring her ball back and kick it around at her work station while I wondered about the end. How can she have so many stories to tell?

Her personality matched the sun and every day I saw the red ball behind her blue eyes and waited for the next time she’d come kick her red ball my way.


Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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