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The Forgotten Sandcastles of the World

Good morning #Porcupine. How have you slept?

When I woke up, the bright sun outside and warm temperature made it that I couldn’t resist going out for a little morning cardio with Anxiety-Depression for a great start to my day. You know how important it is for me that my body is strong and able so I laced up my running shoes and headed out to the beach.

The forgotten sandcastles of the world.

What is not to love? Fresh air? A good stretch and a little pump? I was feeling good and proud of myself for following through with my fitness plan and accomplishing some goals of my own before kicking off the rest of the day. By the time that I could hear the waves rushing up the shore, my adrenaline was pumping yet my breathing had remained regular and controlled. This time last week, I was gasping for air and had to push myself to reach the coast.

Usually, the beach is surprisingly lively but I was early this morning. Other than the very few neighbourly dog owners enjoying the peaceful sound of the ocean on their seemingly regular routine, we had the entire beach to myself so we went full speed with the attitude of a champ. I wouldn’t say that it was exhilarating but I was smiling all the way up to some sandcastles left from yesterday.

Who built these?

A sandcastle with a white tiger walking it's hall.

Realising that they must usually be destroyed before I pass through by someone or more likely by my friendly tractor operator that plows the sand, in about two hours from now, stories aroused in my head. This first one, fortified by a double wall and built strong by a king to protect his princess while on duty, lived a sacred white tiger, three times as large as a regular tiger, that walked the halls as her sacred guardian as well as acted as a companion during the long months of solitude.

A world where all are homogeneous and living happily.

Not far, a realm so large and inclusive that it spans the entire island. Every night was a celebration of life with music and dancing until the wee morning. Homogeneous, all lived in harmony.

Number three, divergent, a civilization superior and far more advanced. Anything as different and magnificent would be criticized by its political neighbours. Conservatives assumed and mocked while their supporters worried. Activists demanded them to conform, dreamers envied while adventurers wondered. Hardened were overly cautious, yet, gregarious seeked to mingle despite the rationals’s cautions. While forward-thinkers coveted their wisdom, those that were laid-back remained indifferent and simply thought that people should mind their own business.

Divergent, superior and far more advanced.

Estranged and grown indifferent of their surrounding kingdom’s judgements and overall attitude, the proud nation learned to keep to themselves and advanced. A second monument was erected, almost out of thin air, and the outside world could speculate and cuss all they wanted.

A sandcastle made so strong it is made of stone.

Lastly but certainly not the last to grace this shore, unreachable in the middle of the ravenous sea, a castle made of rock so thick nothing could possibly break through. It’d take someone dedicated and persistent with a know-how to find it’s way in, and there weren’t many that tried.

Five kingdoms. One big world.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

White Tiger

P.S. I wonder if whoever made these took pictures as well and if they’ll ever stumble upon mine and recognise their little left treasures. Hello and thank you!

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