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The Legacy of the Dragon

The Legacy of the Dragon is a fertility role-play.

Have you heard of the legacy of the ShimmeringDragon? Not every dragon is the same and as the tale goes, he is the last one of its kind and by far the most remarkable and powerful of them all as he recognises the true potential residing within him. Consecrated with divine understanding of life, the mystical creature dwells inside his cave where he rests sheltered and mostly unbothered until someone is brave enough to mount the beast with courtesy in their manners before appealing for his blessing.

Many have tried but none possessed the skills, dexterity nor the will needed to be considered worthy of his glory. The beast rejected and ate them all until, one day, someone reached his cave with a lot more courage, wisdom and dedication than any others. Despite the worries of his legacy fading with him, the dragon found deep slumber and remains defenceless and unaware that his destiny is about to change.

<<To fulfill the Legacy of The Dragon

Dragons are real and live in the world.

1. Show courage

Above all, the beast values courage as only one who possesses determination understands the true meaning of sacrifice. Determined to tame your conquest, you strip naked to manifest the vulnerability needed to touch a dragon’s heart before making your way inside his dwelling and meet with your fate.

2. Only the wise are patient.

At the end of the dark tunnel is a large chamber where the ShimmeringDragon is resting. He is magnificent in splendour and you take a moment to grasp the significance of your actions and understand the consequences. Bowing is a noble action. Not only is it a sign of respect and humility, it centers the mind and yours is significant and falls in a crawl.

Every step closer stirs the beast slightly, but dragons are temperamental and patience is a virtue. Again, climbing and straddling a dragon with nothing to hold on to is perilous but your acts of worship eases the capricious dragon. You are determined not to rouse him from his sleep until the moment is right. All in due time, and the time is soon.

3. Being generous is meaningful

As the prophecy foretells, the beast stirs out of slumber with an appetite. His stature grows with dignity and his presence becomes intimidating but you gather your courage and begin stroking the dragon to appease its spirit. To fulfill the prophecy, you abandon a kiss on his forehead even though your vulnerability has pleased him. One that is purposeful and that isn’t easily forgotten.

The dragon responds to love and reacts to dedication best, and you venerate in both with passion until nothing stands between you and your destiny from unfolding. Soon stands the fully awakened ShimmeringDragon in all of his glory.

“You have shown me that you are worthy of the secrets of the past.” His voice resonates deep within you. Finally, you are recognised for your commitment and will be blessed with the greatest gift imaginable. When you finally mount the beast, he soars higher than the limits of the sky where he epitomizes the true meaning of life. The dragon showed you how you were conceived.

The prophecy always was that the crusader would be clueless to the legacy of the dragon.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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