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The Merry Man

Santa is the Travelling man.  Sonar is the joyful man.

How can a stranger who travels from town to town have any credibility to his reputation?

Despite the best effort of the community, words of a man that told stories and granted kids their wishes passing through had reached the ears of a young girl that lived far from town.

Worried she’d be too late, the young girl had hurried her mother to meet the merry man herself.  Snow was on the ground, and the way there was treacherous, but they were determined to make it there on time.  Upon their arrival, the young girl saw that quite the crowd had amassed despite the sceptic talks of the town's people, and most were children.  He seemed to be about to leave.  


Where are you going?


Home, to the North Pole to work on presents for all the children that are deserving.


(Without a moment to spare)

But we haven't spoken and I haven’t made my wish yet.

During the winter months, days are shorter and nights are cold but the passing man made time for one last child and kneeled down on one knee to the little girl’s level.


So what would make you happy?

The young girl, endowed with reason, climbed onto the stranger’s lap and looked up to him with ambition in her eyes.  


I want people to be nice to each other.  

Since his arrival, the man had listened to the wishes from all the children in town and agreed that being nice was well worth the effort.  He smiled, only because the most beautiful things are said by children.


That is a great request that you are making.  You must be Hopeful.

Her smiles brightened, if that was even possible.  Santa knows.  

(After thinking for a brief moment)

What you are asking of me requires tremendous work and I won’t be able to do it alone.  Always remain pure of heart because those that are naughty have Hatred, and Hatred is blinding.  Until it’s the only one that you see, and that’s why it shines so brightly. Everything is beautiful if that’s all there is.  Have you ever heard of the expression, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

He could see in Hope that she understood.  Children can make sense of everything when explained in a way that makes sense.  

Write to me at least once a year so I never forget, dear Hopeful.  Okay? I have a plan that can work and I will need as much help that I can.

“Oh Joyful Joyful, 

Here comes the Merry Man.”

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

H0H 0H0  

Santa versus Satan.  Who is the merry man?

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