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The Subconscious

NSOROMMA Child of the heavens stars

#Porcupine, if you are looking for answers, first tell me what is your identity.

Excuse me for asking but I’ve heard people speaking of “an unseen world” as if there is a gate or a tail end and I’m concerned that you fall for the spectacular. The rule is that sound mixed with a state of mind that is boundless and colours will always turn to total blackness, is that not accurate? You should know what I mean since we all experience it from time to time. The veil, if you want to call it that way and zen if you are looking to find it. Everything perceived visually is impaired, so why look for signs or the imaginary?

Either way, moving forward in your journey, it’s important that you understand the subconscious and don’t limit yourself to yourself for only yourself. Accepting the ego in others, that is the key to Harmony. Some practice with meditation, others by exercising, communal gestures, and for many, with sex. Woohoo!

Empathy is the communication of the subconscious. The very first language we learn and one we rely greatly upon. Sensitivity to sounds and colours, emotions and senses facilitate the cognition process but instead of seeking a gateway, an answer or meaning, why don’t you contemplate your subconscious? Allow others to do the same and synchronize who you are in a frame where no one is below or behind.

I’m Understanding, a lot more and a lot less. Nice chatting with you.

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

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