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There is no Hell below us. Hell is right here. It is isolation and anyone can be sent there for no reason.

Satan was sent to Hell. Crucified for being transgendered, equally as passionate as he was seductive, stubborn and defiant. Only, instead of getting out of the abyss, Satan chose to remain to find those that were sent there unfairly wearing a hat to hide his horns not to scare them away.

Purposeful and seeker of the truth, Satan was dubbed Ruler of the Underworld for asking questions and discerning with logic, a thoughtful gift he gave with a chance to do things better as no one should ever feel as sad and alone as he has. Truth behold, he wore a hat because he didn’t have horns. To move freely through the dark hallows without being scrutinized by those that choose to remain.

The name Santa is a simple anagram that started amicably by the people he’s helped and the friends he’s made to relieve him from the reputation he was wrongly sanctioned for to better suit his big heart and generous personality. Later commercialized and exploited as the fat and jolly Santa we know to soften his image for the general public and sell merchandize by those that prosecuted him, Satan’s name continues to be blasphemed to divert from the evil that we all permit.

#Porcupine, who can better differentiate what is good from what is bad than Santa? Do you think that Hell might be what connects us all?

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

Santa is the ruler of the Underworld

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