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To Jealousy From Santa

A letter to Jealous from Santa.

Dear Jealous Heart,

I learned that there is a new little Heart this Christmas, and that is wonderful news. You are very lucky.

You have probably noticed Careful and Caring around her alot, and that’s because that’s who she needs right now. You can be like Careful and Caring too.

Sometimes, you might feel like she’s getting a lot of attention and that’s okay. Your sister is only a baby and we don’t know who she will become and we are all eager to find out. You’ll see, she will quickly grow up and take a lot more space and you will start sharing.

I thought that you could show your younger sister how to be nice as it is very important that she learns how from you too. She will love having an older sister like you.

My friends and I are working hard here in the North Pole making presents for all the children that were nice this year in time for Christmas. Don’t forget to send me your wish list and include something for all the Hearts, Mama and Papa too.

From Santa Clause

North Pole

H0H 0H0

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