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Volume 1: "Taking it all off!"

BEACHWOOD erotica Volume 1 Taking it all off

With only a few days left before class starts, the gang is getting ready to start another year of college and I cannot wait to catch up with them all.

Manolo, my shy Latino friend has really been struggling with his chastity lately, and if the rumours are true, I heard that boy-crazy Sam is moving in with closeted rugby star Adil’s townhouse. I’m curious to know who is that Curtis guy taking the fourth bedroom. I heard he's a real cutie. They are having a housewarming slash pre-college get together tonight and I hope that the whole gang can make it.

As for me, I received a call from Stacey, who couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice. When I left her at the bar the other night, I had sent her on a mission to seduce her husband. There’s no reason not to keep things passionate in your relationship and I can’t wait to find out how it went. Hearing the spark in her voice made my day and I live for those moments.

Dear Underwear Snatcher kink

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do recently?


Sonar Silverstud

Sex and Relationship Expert BEACHWOOD Volume 1

Content Advisory: This book contains explicit sexual activities following the normal life of consenting adults and depicts their own little path. This book is intended for mature audience.


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