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Yo-Yo Mellow

Musing to amuse.

I was out of milk this morning so had tea instead but that doesn’t start a day the same way. I wasn't moving very fast about anything. Not in any hurry at all. The day wasn’t very sunny and it was indeed nice to enjoy a little staying in.

It's raining today and it is forecasted all day so I decided to head over to the grocers and walk the aisles. I grabbed some fresh chicken and ground turkey, along with some of my favs veggies. I waved hello to the clerk and said hi to the cashier before heading back home to chop and dice. If I was going to be having a mellow morning, might as well it be with a knife in my hand and an upbeat cadence to move my steps.

🎶 Toot-poop. Para-toot-poop. Gang-ja-alanglang🎶

And coffee, wondering what to do with my evening in town as the stew simmers and the lentilles softens. Then I remembered that I have a yo-yo.

How have you been, #Porcupine?

Sonar Silverstud

8P Agent of Fortune

Yo-yo mellow

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